1890 Census Towns List

Before the 1890 census was lost, Gilbert S. Bahn listed all the communities recorded by the census takers. His list was published in 1898 & recently reprinted as "American Place Names of Long Ago." The following are the ones used by the enumerators for Winston + current populations. "x" means too small too count. Thanks to Betty Drake.

Addison (50)
Alonzo (X)
Amos (X)
Ark (X)
Biler (X)
Delmar (200)
Dismal (X)
Elk (X)
Ellaville (X)
Haleysville (1000)
Houston (300)
Lane's Mill (X)
Larrisa (X)
Littlesville (X)
Lynn (100)
Magic (X)
Mellville (X)
Motes (200)
Natural Bridge (X)
Owl (X)
Pebble (130)
Tavern (X)
Upshaw (X)
Winston (100)
Total population: 1,980