Arlie Kimbrough

Submitted by: Robin Sterling

The Winston New Era, April 8, 1910

Blown Up By Powder. Arlie Kimbrough, son of J.H. Kimbrough, on the 15th of Feb 1910, went into a little side room, about 8x8, looking for some shoe strings and accidentally set a paper bag afire containing 3 or 4 lbs of fine rifle powder, and blowing it to put the fire out, the powder caught and exploded and blew him and the room both up, burning his arms from his elbows down; his face, shoulders and breast were badly burned.

His father hearing the explosion, ran to his rescue, found him aflame all over.

The fire was immediately put out and Dr. M.L. Stephens, of Natural Bridge, administered medical aid, and by the careful nursing of his parents in seven days he could see and in twenty he had almost recovered although his neck and arms were almost broken.

The explosion wrecked the room considerably; turning the furniture upside down in the adjoining rooms.

The tragedy happened hear Natural Bridge and the folks are at a loss to know how the boy escaped death. James H. Kimbrough.