Benjamin A. Cagle's Claim

Submitted by Robin Sterling

Southern Claims Commission File
Benjamin A. Cagle Cagle (2225)


To the Honorable Commissioners of Claims, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1871, Washington, D.C.:

The petition of Benjamin A. Cagle respectfully represents: That he is a citizen of the United States and resides at present: Winston County, Alabama.

That he has a claim against the United States for property and provisions taken on or about the 24 day of March 1865 in Winston County, Alabama by order of General Wilson and used by the U.S. Army.

Items Claimed

Amount Claimed

Amount Allowed

Amount Disallowed

300 pounds bacon



35 bushels corn



1 saddle and bridle



1 sack salt



400 pounds fodder



2 bushels sweet potatoes



1 barrel meal







That all the items in the above schedule were of the full value therein set forth and were taken from the wife of your petitioner for use of and were used by the United States army by General Wilsonís men on there raid south [on] March 24, 1865 and the provisions did belong to Eliza Ann Pugh at the time said property was taken.

That no voucher, receipt or other writing were given therefore by the persons taking the same or offered said or received by your petitioner.

That Eliza Ann Pugh was the original owner of said claim and that she has not sold the same or any part thereof but the present owner of the same. Benjamin A. Cagle and Eliza Ann Pugh since that time has married and he is the husband of said Eliza Ann Pugh and sets forth said claim.

That your petitioner remained loyal adherent to the cause and the Government of the United States during the war, and was so loyal before and at the time of the taking of the property for which this claim is made.

That said claim has not before been presented to any part of the department by any other person for adjustment or to Congress.

That Stilson, Bundy and Webster, of Washington, D.C., are hereby authorized and empowered to act as his Attorneys for the prosecution of this claim.

[signed] Benjamin A. Cagle. Witnesses: [signed] Andrew J. Ingle and Jonathan Barton.

State of Alabama, County of Winston: I, Benjamin A. Cagle, husband of Eliza Ann Pugh, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that he is the petitioner named in the foregoing petition, and who signed the name; that the matters therein stated are true of deponentís own knowledge, except as to those matters which are stated on information and belief, and, as to those matters she believes them to be true; and deponent further says, that her husband did not voluntarily serve in the Confederate army or navy, either as an officer, soldier, or sailor, or in any other capacity, at any time during the late rebellion; that he never voluntarily furnished any stores, supplies or other material aid to said Confederate army or navy, or to the Confederate Government, of to any officer, department, or adherent of the same, in support thereof, and that he never voluntarily accepted or exercised the functions of any officer whatsoever under, or yielded voluntary support to the said Confederate government. [signed] Benjamin A. Cagle, Witnesses: [signed] Andrew J. Ingle and Jonathan Barton.

Sworn and subscribed in my presence, the 29th day of May 1871. [signed] R.W. Swinney, Clerk of Circuit Court, Winston County, Alabama.

Names and residences of witnesses who will be relied upon to prove loyalty:

William A. Rusk, Larissa, Winston County, Alabama.

Jonathan Barton, Larissa, Winston County, Alabama.

Names and residences of witnesses who will be relied upon to prove the other facts alleged in the foregoing petition:

James M. Wilson, Larissa, Winston County, Alabama

Emily Wilson, Larissa, Winston County, Alabama.

Post office address of claimant, Littlesville, Winston County, Alabama.


Note from Louise Birchfield: The folder for Benjamin A. Cagle has written on it the 2225 Commission number. The reimbursement sum requested was $175.50. The reason why this was "Barred" was that the claim came in after the cut-off date.