Frederick H. & Margaret Baughn Death Certificates

Submitted by: Elisa Sanford

Page No. 544
Full name of deceased: F.H. Baughn
Date of death: November 16, 1916, 5 P.M.
Place of death: Winston, Beat: Three
Place of birth of deceased: Georgia
White or colored?: White
Male or female?: Male
Occupation: Farmer
How long did deceased reside at place of death?: 63 years
Where was disease contracted?: At home
Duration of illness: 1 month
Principal disease causing death: Senility
Contributory disease causing death: Systitis
Age: 83 years, 10 months, 22 days
Single, married, or widowed?: Married
Full name of father of deceased: Paden Baughn
Birthplace of father: South Carolina
Full name of mother of deceased: Nancy Baughn
Birthplace of mother: South Carolina
Place of interment: Baughn Cemetery
Reporter: R. Lee Hill, M.D.
Post Office: Lynn
Date of Report: November 30, 1916

Page No. 19553
Place of Death: Winston County
Town: Lynn
Full name of deceased: Margaret Baughn
Sex: Female
Color: W
Single, Married, or Widowed: Widowed
Husband/Wife: Federick Baughn
Date of Birth: Aug. 17 1835
Age: 89 Yr
Occupation of deceased: Housewife
Birthplace of deceased: Ala
Name of Father: G.W. Holt
Birthplace of Father: GA
Maiden Name of Mother: Caroline Morris
Birthplace of Mother: GA
Date of Death: 6/15/1925
Cause of Death: Old Age; No doctor in attendance
Place of Burial: Baughn's Graveyard
Date of Burial: 6/16/1925
Reporter: C.H. Barton