Winston County, Alabama Cemeteries, Vol. 2

Title Winston County, Alabama Cemeteries, Vol. 2
Author Robin Sterling
Date 5/14/2010
ISBN 9781304232564
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Pages 412
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The cemeteries of Winston County contain the ancestors of the descendants who now populate the county. The earliest settlers, Civil War soldiers, early county officials and politicians, merchants, tradesmen, farmers, and their familes are there. Without their efforts to carve an existence out of the Winston County wildnerness, the rest of us simply would not be here. The history of the county was written in the cemeteries found across the county. Volume 2 of this two volume series covers Winston County Cemeteries L through W beginning with the Little Cemetery and ending with the Wolfpen Cemetery. This volumes also contains a list of missing or destroyed cemeteries. The book contains dozens of pictures of the cemeteries plus hundreds of annotations which include sites of unmarked graves plus the company and unit of every known Civil War era soldier, both Union and Confederate. The book concludes with a full name index. This book is vital to any serious student of Winston County genealogy and history.