Winston County, Alabama Confederate Soldiers

Title Winston County, Alabama Confederate Soldiers
Author Robin Sterling
Date April 2012
ISBN 9781304218360
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Pages 402
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Years of research has preceded the construction of this book. Many resources were consulted to identify and document the Winston County Confederates including Confederate Service records; cemetery records, pension records; the 1907 Alabama Confederate census; among others, along with separate essays on Captain White's Winston County Mail Guard, the Forgotten Winston County Confederates, and the Winston County Rough and Ready Volunteers. Not only are Confederates from the Winston County Civil War era identified, every attempt was made to collect information on those Confederates who moved into Winston County after the war. For the very first time, all of this information is presented in one place. Obit were collected when they could be found from Double Springs, Haleyville, Moulton and Jasper newspapers. The pension files were transcribed and abstracted yielding long lost first person accounts of Civil War incidents, activities, and a few battles. The book contains a full name index.