Winston County, Alabama Newspaper Clippings (1886 1900)

Title Winston County, Alabama Newspaper Clippings (1886 1900)
Author Robin Sterling
Date 5/14/2010
ISBN 9781304216441
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Pages 346
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This book contains newspaper clippings from the earliest Winston County, Alabama newspapers available. The clippings were transcribed from microfilm and from original issues located in the State Archives in Montgomery. Papers include the old Winston Herald, the Herald's political adversary called the Observer, and the successor to the Herald called the New Era. All available issues were studied and all mentions of births, deaths, marriages, and news items important to the history of Winston County were recorded and included in this volume. The book begins with a long and comprehensive essay on the history of newspaper publishing in Winston County. It ends with a full name index. This book is valuable to any serious student of Winston County genealogy and history.