Winston County, Alabama Newspaper Clippings (1915 1922)

Title Winston County, Alabama Newspaper Clippings (1915 1922)
Author Robin Sterling
Date August 2014
ISBN 9781312419810
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Pages 372
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The history of Winston County is found in the pages of its early newspapers. This book is the fourth in a series of Winston County news clippings. The first book covered 1886 - 1900, second book covered 1901 - 1908, the third 1909 - 1914. Newspapers reviewed include the Winston Herald and a few news items relevant to Winston County found in the Jasper Mountain Eagle. Early newspapers preserve a picture of how our ancestors were about their day to day lives and business over 100 years ago. For the genealogist, it helps add character to dry names and dates. For the historian, it opens up a seldom seen picture of the early development of Winston County from the first person viewpoint of its citizens. This book contains a full name index and is a valuable addition to the library of any serious student of the genealogy and history of Winston County, Alabama.