Winston Roots, Vol. 1: Stories of an Alabama County

Title Winston Roots, Vol. 1: Stories of an Alabama County
Author Winston County Genealogical Society
Date 3/29/2010
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Pages 220
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Who was Aunt Jenny Johnston? Or Andrew Jackson Ingle for that matter? What is the "free state?" All of these questions and more are answered in the new book from the Winston County Genealogical Society, published March 29, 2010. First in a series, and more than two hundred pages, this book contains remarkable and historical happenings of Winston County during its many stages, even preceding statehood. It is a delightful retrospective on the discovery of Clear Creek Falls, the first permanent settlement, Byler and Cheatham Roads, early settlers, Revolutionary War soldiers, the organization of Hancock County, the renaming to Winston, the Civil War, Alabama’s oldest log jail, early mills, and many more all the way into the twentieth century. There is also an appendix of historical notes on nearly thirty towns and communities, some now called "dead towns."