Winston County, Alabama: News from Western Winston (1901 - 1961)

Title Winston County, Alabama: News from Western Winston (1901 - 1961)
Author Robin Sterling
Date 3/21/2015
ISBN 9781312976757
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Pages 251
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Western Winston County, Alabama is dotted with small communities with names such as Deer, Wood, Blooming Youth, Brown's Creek, Bold Springs, and Rocky Plains. These and other areas in northwest Alabama were settled by hardy individuals who worked hard to support themselves and raise their children. When the farm work was done, members of these isolated communities socialized with log rollings, barn raisings, and Sunday Schools. Growing out of the devotion to religion and each other, the region became known as one of the Sacred Harp and Gospel singing capitols of the South. This book of newspaper clippings from the Double Springs and Haleyville papers captures the day to day life of the people who inhabited the communities making up Western Winston County. In this volume, the reseacher with ancestors in area will learn more about the times and the issues important to the communities over a period of six decades during the 1900s.