Wilson Bend

Title Wilson Bend
Author Delores Cork
Date 2013
ISBN 978-1-4675-7047-3
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Pages 186
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While gathering information for our family tree, I became reacquainted with an older cousin whose grandparents were my great-grandparents. Because he had lived next door to them throughout his childhood, I began asking him many questions and discovered that he was a goldmine of information that I never knew before. Then L.H. told me that he had jotted down many of his childhood memories in order to tell his grandchildren what family life was like during the 1920s and 1930s in Winston County, Alabama. I was thrilled that he was willing for me to organize his random writings into book form for everyone to enjoy. Senior adult readers will enjoy walking down memory lane of a time the world called the "Great Depression Era." Younger adult readers will better understand how similar experiences probably affected their parents and grandparents. And children will hopefully come to appreciate the conveniences that we have today after reading about the lives of eleven Wilson children who were born on Wilson Bend during a time of no electricity, no modern technology, and very little medical care. It tells how the kids made their own toys and what games they played. It tells about their school life and church. It also has a lot to say about how children worked...the process of growing cotton...tending to farm animals...making syrup in the syrup mill...growing and preserving their food...helping Mama wash clothes...and more. It even relates the first-hand account of how one of the earlier planes landed in his family's front yard one snowy day. People from all over Winston, Cullman, and Walker Counties flocked to their yard to see the first plane they had ever seen close up. L.H. Wilson is also a master woodcarver and artist. So the book contains photos of much of his handwork as well as quite a few of the poems he wrote, many of which were written while he daydreamed out in the field as a child.