Hays Burns Invention

From The Winston Herald, April 1, 1886

Patented March 3, 1885 #313,052

Ox Yoke and Attachment to Wagon Tongue

Hays Burns, Double Springs, Alabama

It is one of the Grandest Inventions of the Age -- It supplies a long felt want -- It is a Home Enterprise, invented by a Home man, made at home -- And will sell its-self -- All persons who have seen it appreciate it. With it you can sit in your wagon and unhitch your team from the wagon in an instant, this is done by simply pulling a small cord or rope. You can also by simply turning a key or pivot, instantly turn your ox out of the yoke. Think of the advantages thus given by this Invention if your team runs away, you can have them leave the wagon standing. If your team gets into swimming water, you can turn them loose instantly. It should be seen to be fully appreciated. It will sell on its own merits.