Charles Oliver "Ollie" Hunter

From the Advertiser-Journal, March 16, 1939, Winston Whirl-Around by W.H. Swearingen

OLLIE HUNTER-Former sheriff of Winston County. Born in Carroll County, Georgia in 1884. Eldest son of John and Docia Hunter. Moved to Winston County in 1890. Attended the rural schools. His early life was spent in farming and carrying the U.S. Mail. He carried the mail from Cullman to Addison from 1904 to 1907. This was during the days before highways and motor vehicles. Served as a Rural Mail Carrier substitute for 12 years. Lived as a highly respected citizen near Addison. Moved to Double Springs in 1910, where he entered the garage business, and for a while ran the business in partnership with Arthur McDonald - a partnership which proved both amicable and profitable to both men. The Hunter business was in continuous operation from 1919 until 1935 when Ollie became Sheriff of Winston County, having been elected by an overwhelming majority. In 1904 Mr. Hunter was married to Miss Lea Williams, daughter of John and Rebecca Williams. Mrs. Hunter is a loyal wife, a loving mother and an excellent home-maker. To this union has been born three children - Dura (Mrs. Jack Sisson), talented teacher in Haleyville's school system, Oran and Obera. While serving as sheriff, Mr. Hunter and his deputies raided 925 stills, destroyed 3300 gallons of beer, which is a lot of rot-gut, the destruction of which probably averted a great deal of trouble. Ollie has always been popular with the people of this county. During the years that he was in business he made many friends and favored and accommodated many people. He never turned down a deserving plea for help. It has been said of all the sheriffs of Winston County that not a one of them left office without losing most of their popularity. We find that Ollie is still a popular and respected man - respected by even those whom he was forced, by the duties of his office, to draw into the toils of the law. We wish for Ollie a prosperous future and offer him the assurance that he has many loyal friends. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter are members of the Church of Christ at Double Springs.

From the Winston Herald, March 6, 1942:

Hunter Candidate for Sheriff's Post. C.O. (Ollie) Hunter has announced as a candidate for Sheriff of Winston County, subject to the action of the Republican primary, May 5. His announcement appears in this issue of the Herald. Mr. Hunter needs no introduction to the voters, as he is well known throughout the county. He was reared on a farm at Addison. He operated a garage here for more than 15 years and was elected sheriff of the county in 1939. He was a very efficient officer and made many friends through his courteous and genial manner. In 1934 he was elected a member of the County Board of Education and served in that capacity until he recently resigned. Ollie, as he is known to everyone, is a member of the Double Springs Church of Christ and is active in all church, school, and civic affairs and is held in high esteem by all who know him.

From the Winston Herald, November 13, 1942:

Hunter Thanks Voters. Permit me to express to you my deep appreciation for the loyal support given me in my race for sheriff of Winston County, assuring you that I will to the best of my ability merit the confidence you have placed in me. To those who opposed me, I recognize their personal privilege, and I do not have any animosity toward them. Now let us join in united effort to enforce the laws of our country and look forward to the public welfare. Again thanking you, I am yours respectfully, C.O. Hunter.