Corinth History

From the Advertiser-Journal, August 18, 1938:

This community begins at the northern boundary of Haleyville and extends to Bear Creek bridge near Dime. Its close proximity to other communities make it difficult to identify its boundary lines. The church life of the community is centered around its two principal churches, the County Line of the Methodists and Corinth of the Baptists. The many members of the Church of Christ attend services at Haleyville. The children of the community attend the schools of Haleyville. The Corinthians are a progressive people. Their farms are well-managed, fertile, and productive. A high standard of living is maintained – materially, religiously, and morally. Corinth is one of the earliest-settled farm communities – many of its farms being under cultivation long before Haleyville was founded. It was settled by a strong race of pioneers who struggled long and faithfully, for the better things of life. Their imprint is left indelibly upon the community life. The people of Corinth are characteristically good neighbors. Practical lovers of good citizenship, they have no law-breakers. The excellent type of its young easily explodes the oft-repeated assertion that our young people are “going to the dogs.” To mention by name, the best people of the community, would necessitate naming them all. If we omit any, it will be because of forgetfulness and not intention. First we have the Hinton’s – good folks – with an honorable ancestry and a splendid record of achievement. We have, also, the Donaldson’s with their many splendid in-laws. In the following order we mention the Henderson’s, Reed’s, Leeth’s, Wilson’s, Chambers’, Wakefield’s, Cooper’s, Guttery’s, Gentles’, Pifer’s, Roberts’, Cole’s, Murner’s, Arnold’s, Spiller’s, Cagle’s, Drake’s, Smith’s, Johnson’s, Cheatham’s, Martin’s, Davis’, Breed’s, Meherg’s, McGuire’s, Ford’s, Chapman’s, and Kidd’s. Three of the South’s greatest preachers are young men from this community – Albert Chambers, Carlos Radford, and Pierce McGuire. Some day, Corinth will be a corporate part of the Greater Haleyville. And when this happens, our town stands to gain immensely. In closing, allow us to add that the splendid families of Barber’s have done much to make Corinth the excellent community it is to-day.