Double Springs School Songs

From The New Era on January 24, 1908. "High School Songs."

Words By: Mrs. Mattie Wilson Adkins
Tune: "I Will be a Sunbeam" with variations

Sons of old Alabama,
Our native state so dear,
We open wide our portals,
And bid you welcome here.
We're truly glad to meet you
Among old Winston's hills.
And when we rise to greet you
Our hearts with pleasure thrills.

Welcome to our county,
Welcome to our town.
Welcome to our firesides,
Which true love has crown'd.
We greet you with a handshake
Face with smiles aglow!
God will bless your mission,
Everywhere you go!

We love our mountain county -
How clear its waters flow!
Our homes may be the poorest;
Yet how the breezes blow!
Our husbands' hearts are bravest,
Our women's smiles are bright,
Our children's eyes are shining
Like stars shine in the night.

Our girls all stand for virtue;
Our boys for honor true;
Because we stand for these things,
We love and honor you!
The boon of Education
Which your Committee holds
Will make our land a garden -
Like Eden was of old.

Come Away
Words by Mr. And Mrs. J.B. Weaver
Tune: "Come Away to the Hills"

Oh! come, kind friends, to Double Springs.
And hear the music as it rings
That we will build the High School great
As grand as any in the State.

Come away, we sing,
O'er hill and plain;
Come away, we sing,
Come away to Double Springs.

We have good air and water pure,
And this to all will health secure
No n------ here - our town's been "dry"
For twenty years without a sigh.

We love the cause you represent,
And with your choice we'll be content
And help to build the High School great
As grand as any in the State.

Now, this is all we have to say
And so we'll kindly give away
To other friends who wish to tell
About the cause we love so well.

The Children's Plea
Words by Miss Lula Adkins
Tune: "Sunshine Song"

Let us speak a word, sir, for our little town;
For the country people scattered all around;
We will build the school house right up to the rule,
And we want the State High School.
Boys all want the State High School -
Girls all want the State High School -
The people pay the tax, sir, let the people rule -
Let the people have the school.

We can boast of health, sir, and our town is dry;
All the tramps and "n------" pass our city by.
It will do the greatest good here at Double Springs,
That is what the children sing.
That's what the little boys sing,
That's what the little girls sing.
It will do the greatest good here at Double Springs
That's what the people all sing!

We are in the center of the county wide,
Scholars can attend here from the end or side
Put it in the center where they all can go -
Give the country boys a show -
Give the country girls a show -
Winston needs the schoolhouse where they call can go
Give the country "kids" a show!