Moses Feldman

From the Advertiser-Journal, January 5, 1939
Headline: Native of Latvia, Russia, Feldman outstanding businessman
Submitted by Joyce Farris

Moses Feldman - merchant of long standing in our town whose business place is an institution in this section of Alabama. Mr. Feldman was born in Poshvohl, Latvia, Russia, Nov. 5, 1887. He is the son of Mr. Lelba and Mrs. Fredia Feldman, who still live in the old country of Latvia. Before her marriage to Mr. Feldman, Mrs. Feldman was Fannie Royal, of Kleck, Poland. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Saf Royal. Her father, Mr. Royal, was a noted singer of Poland. Mr. and Mrs. Feldman have three children, Abe, who is in the dry goods business with his father, Frances, who is a talented student at Howard College at Birmingham, and last but not least is David, a student in the local school and one of the most energetic boys I have ever known and as sharp as a briar. This family has lived in Haleyville since 1914. Mrs. Feldman has live din Haleyville since her girlhood days before she was married to Mr. Feldman. Mr. and Mrs. Feldman are members of Temple Beth-El synagogue of Birmingham. In many places of the so-called civilized world today, the Hebrew race is undergoing terrible persecutions. In many places of this land of the free there are unjustified prejudices against this splendid race. But in our town this is not true. Here is a family of Hebrews from two of the most aristocratic families of Europe who are part of the life blood of this town. Here is a Jewish merchant who has endured himself to all our citizens by his upright and just dealings with his fellowman. Here is a family who has proven good neighbors in every sense of the term. Mr. Feldman is keenly interested in the betterment of this, his hometown and he has shown his interest in a practical way. He believes in good schools and he and his wife are ardent and loyal supporters of our local school system. Kindly people, these Feldmans - people who wouldn't knowingly harm anyone nor are they heard to speak evil. One of their former neighbors aptly characterized them this: "They are the salt of the earth." And he was right. Mr. Feldman ahs made a great success of the mercantile business since locating here and his friends are congratulating him on the acquisition of his valuable property. He has also purchased a residence lot and expects to begin erection of a pretty home in the near future.

[Moses died in 1955. Moses' son, David, operated the store until his death in January 1999.]