World War I Fuller Story

Written by: Linda F. Watson

Leon and Ed Fuller left the Haleyville, Alabama Train Station in 1918, going to the War in France WW1. There were several hundred people there to tell their son's, and sweethearts goodbye. The people there sang touching songs and love songs until the train pulled out of sight. The people there would be waiting for their loved ones return and one young lady which was there that day was Myrtle Pounders who would be waiting for Leon's return.

As Leon and Ed Fuller was away at the War in France, they didn't know that they would never see their Mother again. Geana Bell Fuller died of the flu in 1918, as she was taking care of her family, who all had the flu. She became ill with it and died. Leon and Ed did not receive word of their mother's death until six weeks afterwards.

Myrtle Pounders Fuller

Leon and Ed Fuller