Jonathan Marion Barton

Jonathan Marion Barton (December 26, 1830 - April 17, 1910) was the third of eleven children of Willis Barton (September 22, 1803 - September 04, 1891) and Margaret Nancy Martin Barton (March 11, 1806 - September 06, 1891). He had several brothers, who like him, joined the First Alabama Cavalry, U.S.A., one of whom died at Andersonville prison.

The following are newspaper accounts and documents of Jonathan Barton:

From the Winston Herald June 10, 1886:
"We read a letter one day last week written by Jonathan Barton, of this county, who is an inmate of the assylum at Tuscaloosa, to his wife, he writes intelligently and says he is well and expects to come home soon. His relatives, neighbors, and friends generally, are glad to hear from him."

Jonathan Barton, The State of Alabama, Winston County, Probate Court, August 2nd, 1897
Jonathan Barton, a Lunatic.
This day came Hannah A. Barton, and files her petition in due form, in writing and under oath, asking that she be appointed guardian of the person, and estate, of the said Jonathan Barton. And it appearing to the Court, from adequate proof, that said Jonathan Barton has been declared to be a lunatic, according to law in such cases made and provided; and that he is incapable of taking care of himself, and his affairs; that he resides in this county, and has property in this state of the value of one hundred and fifty dollars, and probably not more; that no guardian has been appointed for said Jonathan Barton, and that said applicant is an inhabitant of this state, and that she is a suitable person for such guardianship. Now, therefore, said Hannah A. Barton having given bond for the proper amount conditioned as the law requires with W.M. Barton and R.A. Godsey as securities therein, which bond with said securities hath been duly taken and approved by the Judge of this Court; it is ordered, adjudged and decreed, that said Hannah A. Barton, be and she is hereby appointed to be the guardian of the said Jonathan Barton; and it is hereby declared that the said Hannah A. Barton, as such guardian is entitled to the undisturbed custody and control of the person and estate of her ward, to be held and managed by her in accordance with law in such cases made and provided.
R.L. Blanton
Judge of Probate

The State of Alabama, Winston County, In Probate Court, Oct. 9th, 1900
In the matter of the estate of Jonathan Barton, a non compas mentis.
On this day comes Hannah A. Barton, Guardian of said estate and presents her statement, accounts, vouchers and evidences for a partial settlement of her guardianship, and it is ordered by the Court that the next regular term of this Court, which is the 12th day of November, 1900, be and the same is hereby appointed a day for such settlement. It is further ordered that notice of the same be given by publication in the New Era, a weekly newspaper published in said county for three consecutive issues. It is further ordered that Z. McVay be appointed as Guardian ad litem, to represent and protect the interests of the said ward on such settlement.
R.L. Blanton
Judge of Probate

The State of Alabama, Winston County, In Probate Court, Nov. 12th, 1900
Jonathan Barton, Non Compas Mentis.
This being the day set to hear and pass upon the account heretofore filed by Hannah A. Barton, as the Guardian of the Estate of the said Jonathan Barton, for an annual settlement of her guardianship, now comes the said Hannah A. Barton and moves the Court to proceed with such settlement, and that said account be passed and allowed. And it appearing to the Court from proper evidence that due notice of the time and nature of this settlement has been given by publication once a week for three consecutive weeks in the New Era, a weekly newspaper published at Double Springs in said county, and Z. McVay, who was heretofore appointed Guardian ad litem for and to protect the interests of said ward, now appearing in open court, consenting in writing to act and contesting such settlement, the court proceeds to examine said account and to hear the proof in relation thereto. Whereupon it is found that said guardian has received in cash of the assets of said estate the sum of $499.90; that she has justly expended in and about the costs and charges of said guardianship, and in maintaining her said ward the sum of $319.98 leaving a balance on hand of the funds of said estate of $79.92. It appearing to the Court that said account is correct, it is therefore ordered, adjudged, and decreed that said account be, and the same is hereby in all things passed and allowed as above stated.
R.L. Blanton
Probate Judge

Civil War Information:

Barton, Jonathan, Sgt., Co. L, age 33, EN 9/25/63, Fayette Co., AL, MI 9/25/63, Glendale, MS, born Hall, GA, farmer, MO 9/28/64, Rome, GA. Jonathan Marion Barton was born December 26, 1830 and died April 17, 1910 in Winston Co., AL. He was married to Hannah Ann Blackstock and had three brothers and two brother-in-law who served in this regiment. 12/26/1830 - 4/17/1910; buried Sardis No. 1 Baptist Church Cemetery at Lynn.