James William Pugh (Legal Records Regarding Death of)

Submitted by: Louise Birchfield

The State of Alabama
Winston County
Probate Court
In the Matter of the Estate of J. W. Pugh, Deceased. To the Honorable Jno. S. Curtis, Judge Probate Court, Winston County:

The petition of the undersigned L. E. Pugh respectfully represents that J. W. Pugh departed this life on or about the 18th day of December 1921, leaving no last will or testament, So far as your petitioner knows or believes, and that his death was known more than fifteen days before this day; and this petition further shows that the said J. W. Pugh was, at the time of his death, an inhabitant of this County, and died seized and possessed of real and personal estate in this State consisting chiefly of a homestead worth about $300 of about 100 acres, 2 mules, 2 cows, a wagon, and 50 bu. of corn all of the value of about $100. All of said real and personal estate being estimated to be worth about $400.00 and probably not more; that the names, residence, ages, and condition of the heirs and distributees of the estate of the said decedent, so far as your petition knows or believes, are as follows, to wit: The widow, Mrs. L. E. Pugh, wife, Dolphus Pugh 16 years of age, Flora Pugh, 12 years of age, Dennie Pugh, 8 years of age, all minor children. That your petitioner, being wife of said deceased, an inhabitant of this State, above the age of twenty-one years, and in no respects disqualified under the law from serving as an administrator, believing that said estate should be immediately administered, to the end that the said property may be collected and preserved for those who shall appear to have legal right or interest therein, does therefore, by virtue of her right under the statue, pray that your Honor will grant Letters of Administration on the estate of J. W. Pugh upon her entering into bond in such sum as is required by the statue and with such security of securities as shall be approved by your honor.
/sig/ L. E. Pugh


L. E. Pugh, being duly sworn, deposes and says that the facts averred in the above petition are true, according to the best of her knowledge, information, and belief.
/sig/ L. E. Pugh

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of January 1922
/sig/ C. E. Mayhall
Notary Public

On January 28, 1922, a surety bond was signed in the amount of $500 signed by L. E. Pugh, J. R. Crittendon, and John H. Jacobs. It was approved by Probate Jno. S. Curtis on the same day.

The death certificate for James William Pugh shows that he died on December 17, 1921, although the above document states that he died on or about the 18th day of December 1921.