Other Information on Andrew Kaeiser

The following is an account by Margaret R. Kaeiser (Andrew's wife); she names the murderer and his accomplices:

"...the name of the one that fired the fatal shot was James Curtis, the County Tax Collector. His seven accomplices, who were present, were Bennett Jones, Jack Rives, Bill Farley, Tom and Bill Booker, Bal Brown, and Mr. Williams..."

Dr. Kaeiser's family was afraid that the Tories would find him, dig him up, and put him on display.

Dr. Kaeiser was deputy sheriff of Lawrence County during the 1850's.

Andrew Kaeiser paid $1.25 an acre for land bought in the Brown Creek Bottoms in the fall of 1851. Today, this is located between the Lynn/Nauvoo area and the small community of Natis. Brown's Creek runs along this area.

According to Edgar Byler, Wayne County, Tennessee Historian, Jim Curtis came to Wayne County, Tennessee to murder two men. We don't know if he ever did or not. Jim died in 1896 and is buried at Whitten's Crossroads in Cypress Inn, Tennessee. Jim Curtis served in the 32nd Kentucky Infantry. He may have been a medic with this unit. The people of Cypress Inn called him Doctor Curtis. According to John West's book, Jim Curtis died while picking cotton. There was a thunder storm and he got under a cotton basket to shelter himself from the storm and when they removed the basket after the storm, they found that he had died.