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Lloyd George (Lonzo), played bass as a session musician for Eddy Arnold and His Tennessee Plowboys on March 20, 1946 for the following songs: All Alone in This World Without You; Can't Win, Can't Place, Can't Show; What is Life Without Love; That's How Much I Love You; Why Didn't You Take That Too?; and Chained to a Memory

Lloyd George (Lonzo), played bass as a session musician for Eddy Arnold and His Tennessee Plowboys on September 24, 1946 for the following songs: What a Fool I Was; Easy Rockin' Chair; To My Sorrow; and It's a Sin

There were at least three songs that were written by Lonzo and Oscar and copyrighted in 1948 but were not recorded: "My Son You've Come Too Late" (Lloyd George/Rollin Sullivan/Jimmy Byrd), "My Gal Out in Texas" (Lloyd George/Rollin Sullivan), and "The Gospel Train" (Lloyd George/Rollin Sullivan). Also, an alternate title to their song "You Won't Do It No More" was "I Don't Forgive No More." More apparently unreleased songs include "I Love That Goofy Dame" (Lloyd George/Parris McDuffy/Rollin Sullivan), "Pretty Little Girl in the Red..." (Dorothy R. Bush/Lloyd George/George E. Starr/Rollin Sullivan), "Some Day You'll Be Sorry Naugh..." (Lloyd George), and "When I Make Eyes at Gusty" (Lloyd George/Faires Delno McDuffee).

Lloyd George also recorded two songs for Imperial Records and two songs for the famous Sun Records; neither 45 was released.

Catalog # (Format)


Lonzo and Oscar with their Winston County Pea Pickers on RCA Victor Records:
* Lonzo and Oscar with the Winston County Pea Pickers
# Lonzo and Oscar and their Winston County Pea Pickers

20-2309 (78)

Ole Buttermilk Sky/Take Them Cold Feet Outa My Back (Before I Kick You Out)

20-2378 (78)

My Adobe Hacienda/Cornbread, 'Lasses and Sassafras Tea

20-2502 (78)

Near You/When You Were Sweet Sixteen

20-2563 (78)

I'm My Own Grandpa/You Blacked My Blue Eyes Once Too Often *

20-2765 (78)

Poppin' Bubble Gum/Ole Mother Nature

20-2908 (78)

There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea/Girls Don't Nag Your Husbands

20-3083 (78)

Watching the Girls Go By/You Won't Do It No More #

20-3211 (78)

She's the Best I Ever Saw/Last Ole Dollar

Lonzo and Oscar on Capitol Records:

57-40236 (78)

Who Pulled the Plug from the Jug/I Wonder Why She Almost Drives Me Wild

57-40255 (78)

Love is Sweet But Oh How Bitter/Sheepskin Corn

57-40269 (78) | F40269 (45)

I'll Go Chasin' Women/My Dreams Turned Into a Nightmare

939 (78) | F939 (45)

If Texas Told What Arkan-saw Then What Did Tennes-see/Onions Onions

1446 (78) | F1446 (45)

Pretty Little Indian Maid/Tickle the Tom Cat's Tail

Ken Marvin on Capitol Records:

57-40234 (78) | 34-40234 (45)

Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me/Afraid

57-40273 (78) | F40273 (45)

I'm In Love Up to My Ears/She Is Just My Kind

Ken Marvin on Mercury Records:

6295 (78) | 6295-X45 (45)

Well Oh Well/I Love You a Thousand Ways

6316 (78) | 6316-X45 (45)

Tom Cattin' Around/You Can't Pick All the Roses

6353 (78) | 6353-X45 (45)

Rotation Blues/I'm Waiting Just For You (with the Harmonettes)

6366 (78) | 6366-X45 (45)

More Pretty Girls/Half as Much (with the Harmonettes)

6373 (78) | 6373-X45 (45)

Missing in Action/(A Heartsick Soldier on) Heartbreak Ridge

6382 (78) | 6382-X45 (45)

Let's Take the Long Way Home/Port of Lonely Hearts

6391 (78) | 6391-X45 (45)

I've Got My Love/I'm Losing Again

6419 (78) | 6419-X45 (45)

I'd Like To/The Life That You've Led

Ken Marvin on RCA Victor Records:

20-4826 (78) | 47-4826 (45)

When I Stop Loving You/The Honky Tonk Melody

20-5002 (78) | 47-5002 (45)

I Don't Care if you go a Little Further/How Much Can a Heart Ache

20-5141 (78) | 47-5141 (45)

Uh-Huh Honey/Forbidden Love

20-5261 (78) | 47-5261 (45)

How About a Date/Now is the Time for us to Fall in Love

20-5339 (78) | 47-5339 (45)

Don't You Care/My Empty Arms

20-5448 (78) | 47-5448 (45)

I Never Had It So Good Before/One by One

20-5540 (78) | 47-5540 (45)

The Right Kind of Love (But the Wrong Kind of Heart)/I Ain't Gonna Do Nothin' (Till I Can Do Something With You)

20-5678 (78) | 47-5678 (45)

Bridge of Love/Don't You Know, Can't You See, Haven't You Heard

Ken Marvin on Sun Records:


You Spurned a Love/Little Red Wagon

Ken Marvin on Intro Records:

EP-45001 (45)

When I Stop Loving You/You're So Good to Me/Two Tone Ten Ton/Uh Uh Honey

45002 (45)

Uncle John/Will the Angels Let Me Play

Ken Marvin on Todd Records:

45-1071 (45)

Letter From Home (Part One)/Letter From Home (Part Two)

Ken Marvin on Briar Records:

45-118 (45)

Uncle John/Letter From Home

Lloyd George on Imperial Records:

5837 (45)

Lucy Lee/Sing Real Loud

5896 (45)

Come on, Train/Frog Hunt (Also released as 10006 on Post Records)


Hold Me Close/Forever More

RCA Victor 20-2309 Released: August 1947
RCA Victor 20-2378 Released: October 1947
RCA Victor 20-2563 Released: January 31, 1948
RCA Victor 20-2765 Released: June 1948
RCA Victor 20-2908 Released: August 1948