Thomas Anson and Daisy Odell Lee: Feather Bed

Written by: Joann Holdbrooks

Many is the time that Grandma has given me a whack across the rear end for jumping on her nice smooth feather bed. They were immaculate. The sheets were sparkling white and the bed spreads were smoothed to perfection when the beds were made. My grandmother had two large iron beds in what she called the front room. This is where she and Papa slept, always in seperate beds.

How I loved to sleep with Papa and Grandma. I would usually take turns. Mostly I would sleep with Papa because Grandma was more particular about a squirmming child and I had to lie still.

The feather mattresses were usually made from the softer feathers. In winter time they were warm and I could snuggle into a little ball and sleep sound and warm all night long. In warmer weather we were not so comfortable. The sheets were thrown aside and and we would lay uncovered so the cool breeze could reach us.

To a small child making up a feather bed was an enormus task. I would pat and push and smooth trying to achieve the perfection that Grandma always did. It was never as smooth as Grandma's was, but when I completed the task, I was so proud of myself. Then, it was time for Grandma's inspection and approval. I would run to the kitchen or where ever she was and summon her to the front room to inspect my accomplishment. She would always be so kind and complimenting thanking me for making up her feather beds.

Never was sleep so good and relaxing as it was in Grandma's feather beds.