Newspaper Listing

The following is a listing only of newspapers, past and present, in Winston County. Most of these newspapers are no longer in existence, and some printing years included here are not the only years the paper was printed.

Ark: View
Double Springs: Anchor (Printing in 1900)
Double Springs: Busy Bee (Printing in 1900)
Double Springs: Double Springs Herald (Printing between 1949 and 1955)
Double Springs: New Era (Printing between 1901 and 1912)
Double Springs: New Era-Herald (Printing between 1905 and 1906)
Double Springs: Observer (Printing between 1892 and 1895)
Double Springs: Times-Herald
Double Springs: Winston County News (Current)
Double Springs: Winston Herald (Printing between 1886 and 1948)
Double Springs: Winston New Era (Printing in 1911)
Double Springs: Winston Times (Printing in 1903)
Haleyville: Advertiser Journal (Printing between 1926 and 1946)
Haleyville: Advertiser-News-Journal (Printing in 1962)
Haleyville: Daily Northwest Alabamian (Printing between 1962 and 1983)
Haleyville: Haleyville Advertiser (Printing between 1921 and 1924, as well as between 1944 and 1961)
Haleyville: Haleyville Advertiser Journal (Printing in 1924)
Haleyville: Haleyville Clipper (Printing in 1901)
Haleyville: Haleyville Enterprises (Printing in 1903)
Haleyville: Haleyville Journal (Printing between 1916 and 1949)
Haleyville: Haleyville Spotlight (Printing between 1930 and 1946)
Haleyville: Journal Record (Printing between 1975 and 1983)
Haleyville: Northwest Alabamian (From 1915 to Present)
Haleyville: Square Deal (Printing in 1906)
Haleyville: View
Haleyville: Winston County News (Printing in 1909)
Haleyville: Winston County Times (Printing between 1950 and 1956)
Houston: Herald
Houston: Times
Natural Bridge: Wild Cat