Ashley Hewitt Lovett

Posted by Susan W. Lovett on February 15, 2002 at 15:21:16:

In the 1867 Voter's List, there is a notation under the name of Ashley Hewitt Lovett which states "convicted of a felony but later restored, served 3 years in the Union Cavalry" Is there anyone living today that can give me any information on the felony that was committed by Ashley Hewitt Lovett. I can recall my husband stating that after the Civil War that Ashley rode away from home for about 3 months and just came back and no one ever knew where he went. My husband, Truman Honor Lovett, stated that it was thought that he went to look for someone who raped and robbed his wife, while he was away in the war, to kill the person or parties. Any information will be appreciated.

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