Jacob Oden Ingle m. Louisa P. A. "Fanny" Burleson 11 Sep 1867

Posted by Scotty Kent Burleson on May 23, 2001 at 16:13:07:

Looking for Jacob Oden Ingle's relationship to Andrew Jackson Ingle, the
founder or father of Double Springs, AL.

Also, seeking more information on the Burnham Road from Moulton, Lawrence
Co. to Jasper, Walker Co. road that crossed the Burleson Road built by
Joesph Burleson, Sr. of Moulton, Lawrence Co., that connected the Cullman
County seat to the Old Houston, Winston County seat, and the Pikeville,
Marion County seat that was built sometime around the 1830's or before he
moved to Texas to join the Texan Revolution at Sam Houston's request and
that appears to have been used up to the Civil War and possible to 1878 time
period. According to "Tories of the Hills," written by Wesley S. Thompson
and the map shown in Donald B. Dodd and Wynelle S. Dodd's book, "The Civil
War in Winston County Alabama 'The Free State,'" Looney's Tavern was located
near the crossroads of the Burnham and Burleson Roads around Old Houston in
central east Winston County.