History of Old Union Missionary Baptist Church

Written by: Louise McKleroy

The Old Union Missionary Baptist Church is located about three miles northeast of Nauvoo, Alabama on Winston County Road 70. The record of organization of Union Church and graveyard in the early years were given by the clerk Mrs. Susie Barton. The first two people buried in the cemetery were two children: Milton L. Lawrimore in July 1875 and Sarah E. Lawrimore in August 1876. Union Church was constituted in August 1906, with 14 charter members. The first pastor was Elder Joe G. Lovelady. The first deacons were Francis Bell, S.A. Trimble, and W.M. O’Mary. The church was named Old Union because Brother Francis Bell was a union soldier, a good citizen, and a faithful Christian. He was widely known and respected. May his kind be multiplied at Union and elsewhere. The church joined the association on September 29, 1908 at New Prospect. Brother S.A. Trimble and W.M. O’Mary were messengers, reporting J.G. Lovelady as pastor, W.M. O’Mary as clerk, and the membership was 12.

In 1935 the church was inactive. Elva Manasco went about asking people to come help her start the church back. She asked Irving Trimble to help write a letter to Brother Goswick in Texas. Brother Goswick said he had been praying that God would use him and he already had his bags packed when he received the letter. He came from Texas and lived with Andrew Rowe and became pastor. Elva Manasco, Lois Trimble, Odell Bell, and Vera Hogan cleaned the church, which was being used as a barn. Elva read the verses in the Bible about Jesus clearing the temple and praised God. In 1944, 39 new members were added to the church.

The church was bought from Yank and Minnie Noles for $10.00. Later it was revealed to the members that the church was on government land. Mate Harris, Floyd O’Mary, and Travis Trimble bought the property in 1945 and received a deed to the church property. The church paid $150 to get the church property from the government.

The membership in 1955 was 82 with Sunday school enrollment at 54 and Baptist Training Union enrollment of 30. Church property $2,000, gifts for all purposes $697, missions $9, and the pastors salary at $570. This church has a well arranged one room building, well located and occupies a place of opportunity for useful service. The church has very competent teachers and workers in her membership





Joe G. Lovelady

1906 – 1909

D.S. Smith

1909 – 1910

No Pastor

1910 – 1912

J.J. Bartlett

1912 – 1915

No Pastor

1915 – 1916

J.J. Bartlett

1916 – 1918

No Pastor

1918 – 1919

J.C. Steele

1919 – 1920

A. Dickinson

1921 – 1923

Ben Dodd

1923 – 1924

W.T. Whitfield

1924 – 1925

No Pastor

1925 – 1927

No Records

1927 – 1935

Jack Goswick

1935 – 1944

Clyde Latham

1944 – 1946

Fred Kitchens

1946 – 1947

No Pastor

1947 – 1948

Claude McClendon

1948 – 1952

J.W. Northcutt

1952 – 1953

Ebb McClendon

1953 – 1955

No Pastor

1955 – 1956

Mark Thomas

1956 – 1958

Ebb McClendon

1958 – 1983

Kenneth Sudduth

1983 – Present