Pebble History

From the Advertiser-Journal, September 1, 1938:

Named for its post office, whose postmaster was Uncle Tom Patrick. A rich agricultural community. A spiritual community with two live churches – Ephesus of the Baptist and Maxwell’s Chapel of the Methodist. A good junior high school whose able principal for many years has been Prof. T.A. Wakefield. Pebble is the home community of Mr. Marvin Delashaw, Winston County’s able and efficient Resettlement Director. It is also the home of our well-known Uncle Charlie Chilcoat, who lives on the farm entered by his grandfather early in the 19th century. Farmers of this community have taken full advantage of all the latest methods of soil-improvement and intensive cultivation. The community has good homes and many conveniences but for some peculiar quirk, does not have electricity, although a power line runs nearby. The only Lum and Abner emporium is conducted by Mr. Ken Posey – and Ken is a really fine man with a fine family. He is the son-in-law of one of our first citizens, Mr. Jack Bledsoe, who lives in the community. One of the better farms is owned by Mr. Terrel Benford. Mr. Benford has done much toward the upbuilding of the community – in school, in church. He has a son who operates a fine farm also. Pebble community lies on a plateau of about eight square miles, whose altitude and freestone water makes it an ideal place in which to live. Pebble is a community of good, substantial citizens. Besides those already named, we add the families of the Maxwell’s, one of the oldest families and likewise the Pearson’s. There are, also, the Dunn’s, Holland’s, Crumpton’s, Wellborn’s, Flanagin’s, Bates’, Glass’, Adams’, Yarbrough’s, Holdbrooks’, Thrasher’s, Butler’s, Little’s, Batchelor’s, Hale’s, and Bud Posey. Pebbleites have consistently done their trading in Haleyville. They are interested in the welfare of our town. Their young people attend our high school and are an asset to us. Pebbleites read our paper and are interested in all the happenings here. Haleyville appreciates this community. [Note: The Pebble Post Office was established November 14, 1881 and consolidated with Haleyville (or Haleysville) on April 15, 1907. The Pebble School was begun before 1906 and consolidated with Haleyvlle in May 1973. The Pebble Junior High School started August 2, 1934 and consolidated at the same time as the grammar school.]