John Henry Wilson's Family Photo courtesy of Jenelle Jarnigan via Louise Birchfield.

In the first row left to right standing is the son of William Thomas and Artie Camp; seated is John Henry Wilson; standing next to him is Roy Woodrow Wilson; next to Roy is Lucille Wilson; her Mother, Laura Elizabeth Bennick is seated , and next to her is seated Albert Henry Wilson. On Albert's lap is William Francis Wilson; seated next to him is John Lee Wilson with his son on his lap. Second row: standing is the daughter of Tom and Artie; behind her are her parents, William Thomas Wilson and wife, Artie Camp; next to Artie is Dolli Wilson with her husband, Eugene Holland; next to Eugene is Richard Caruth Wilson; next to Richard is Maude Lee Cody who is holding my Uncle Roger Poe Wilson; next is Lura Ward McFarling, who is the wife of John Lee Wilson, holding a baby. In the back row, Napoleon Bonaparte Wilson with his wife Estelle Burleson. I do not remember the names of their children. The births of the children of John Henry and Laura Elizabeth Bennick Wilson are; oldest to youngest: William Thomas (Tom), Albert Henry (Bert), John Lee, Napoleon Bonaparte (Boney), Dolli, Richard, Roy, and Lucille. Not pictured are Charley Roosevelt and George Washington who died at birth-1903 and 1905.