Mary Ann Elizabeth Ward Wilson

Mary Ann Elizabeth Ward Wilson was born July 25, 1851 in Winston County, Alabama and died January 16, 1918 in Haleyville, Winston County, Alabama. She was the daughter of Anderson Ward and Winnie Catherine Durham. Mary Ann Elizabeth Ward married George Daniel Harry Wilson in Winston County, Alabama. Photo contributed by Delores (Dee) Schoonmaker.

Death certificate submitted by Dee Schoonmaker and Louise Birchfield.

CERTIFICATE OF DEATH State of Alabama Bureau of Vital Statistics No. 227
  1. Place of Death (County) Winston     Town or City Haleyville

  2. Full Name MARY WILSON

  3. 2a. Residence Haleyville, Alabama
    Length of Residence in City or Town where death occurred. 15 years
  4. Sex Female

  5. Race White

  6. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced Divorced

  7. 5a. If married, widowed or divorced Wife of Geo Wilson
  8. Date of Birth (Blank)

  9. Age 67 years 6 months 8 days

  10. Occupation Housekeeper

  11. Birthplace Ala

  12. Name of Father Anderson Ward

  13. Birthplace of Father Ga

  14. Maiden Name of Mother Durham

  15. Birthplace of Mother Ga

  16. Informant (Blank)

  17. Date (Blank)

Medical Certificate of Death
16. Date of Death 1/16/1918
  1. I HEREBY CERTIFY that I attended deceased from 1-12 1918 to 1-16-1918

That I last saw her alive on 1-16-1918 and that death occurred on the date above at 1-16-1918
The Cause of Death was as follows Measles
Contributory Weak Heart
18. Where was disease contacted? At Residence
Did an operation precede death? No
Was there an autopsy? No
(Signed) J. D. Lee, M. D. , Haleyville
Place of Burial: Macedonia cemetery
Date of Burial: 1-17-1918