Back, left to right: Hilluard Beeson Waid and Reuben Henderson Waid; front, left to right: Susie Ann Irene Waid and Lucy Jane Lettie Waid. Photo courtesy of Margaret Behel.

Reuben Abraham Waid was a son of Stokes Beason Wade (the older) and Lettice Hays Waid. Stokes Beason (sometimes spelled Beeson) was a son of Abraham Waid of Blount County, Alabama and his first wife (name unknown). Lettice Hays Waid was the daughter of Reuben Hays and Tabitha Cornelius Hays. I don't know who Reuben Hays parents were for sure. Tabitha Cornelius Hays was the daughter of William Cornelius and Lettice Cargile (Cargill) of Blount County. Tabitha is named in William Cornelius' will.

Hilluard Beeson Waid never married. Reuben Henderson Waid married Roberta Drummond and lived at Sipsy in Walker County and both are buried at Pisgah Cemetery next to their former home (church bought it after their death) in Sipsy. Susie Ann Irene Waid married Lee Johns and lived in St. Joseph, Tennessee. Lucie Jane Lettie Waid married Elisha Crumpton and lived in Haleyville, Alabama.