Haleyville Lions, 1948; photo courtesy of Margaret Behel.

Front row, left to right: Jimmy Moore, Mack Frazier, Jack Hudson, Paul McCrory, Captain Merle West, William Godsey, Norman McCrory, Dilmuseen Lowman, and Kirby Simmons.

Second row, left to right: Billy Joe Horn, Grant Tittle, Ernest Tyra, Roger Sisson, Josh Dobbs, Billy Joe Parson, Donald Smith, Edward Dillard, and Jack Lakeman.

Third row, left to right: Bennie Neil Moore, Bucky Stidham, Joe Bonds, Billy Israel, John Lyle Mitchell, Robert Allan Bruton, Bill Hudson, and Billy Garrard.

Fourth row, left to right: James Glass, Ephiram Godsey, Bill Craft, Max Gilbert, John Taylor Harling, Richard Wakefield, S.L. Pickard, and Jimmy Herren.

Fifth row, left to right: Mgr. Charles Thrasher, Neil Masters, Tommy Batchlor, Charles Thomas, Jack McNutt, Rusty Mobley, Mgr. Billy McQuaig, and Coach Jimmy Wood.