Center School, 1922; photo courtesy of Joyce Farris.

Etola Posey Cheatham is the girl with the X mark on her in the center of 3rd row up. She is wearing a black vest over a white blouse. Her brother Floyd & Fletcher are also in the picture.

From the Haleyville Advertiser, April 18, 1961: Center Students A Few Years Back – An Advertiser reader, Mrs. W. C. Cox, brought the above photo of Center School students, made quite a few years ago, to be published. Although many of the students are now deceased, the majority are still living and in this area. Students were from the 2nd to 9th grades, note size of class. This year Center School was closed for lack of enough students to warrant keeping it open. Among persons in photo are Alderman, Vester Martin, Grady Martin, Jess Smith, “Wormy” Gaskin, Ernest Cheatham, Sport Armstrong, “Nig” Smith, Mrs. Lorene Barnett West, Lola Martin, Mrs. Harvey Hilton, left, teacher; Dewey Mitchell, Clyde Armstrong, Mrs. Luther Tittle, Mrs. Olin Dillard, Wiley Goodwin, Cleon West, etc.