Center School Class Pictures, 1947-1948 Year, Third and Fourth Grades; photo courtesy of Geneva Bishop Worthington via Shelly Lane-Hess.

Row 1, left to right: Jerry Benford, Wayne Berry, Donald Crumpton, Jerry Perkins, and Arnold Crumpton.

Row 2, left to right: Doris Painter, Terry Lee Gravitt, Becky Murner, Waymon Holcomb, Dewey Wise, Jerry West, Gerald Richardson, Mary Jo Bagwell, and Betty Aderholt.

Row 3, left to right: Shirley Painter, Buddy Veal, Doyal Aderholt, Lonnie Huggins Jr., Jerry Gilbert, Barbara Haynes, Margaret Harris, and Mary Simmons.

Row 4, left to right: Clinton Holbrook, David Aderholt, Frank White, Erma Lee Huggins, Lloyd Moody, Jimmy Cook, Elbert Moody, and Betty Bagwell.

Teacher: Mona Kidd.