Walnut Grove School in 1909. Some of the people in the picture: Mony Baggett, Ulysses Gaines, Harmon Gaines, Silas Dollar, Anna Baggett, Charlie Wilkins, Nellie Jones, James Chester White, Deanie Knighten, Janie Sudduth, Mary Knighten, Sophia Gaines, Walter Knighten, Langford White, Lula Sudduth, Julia White, Oscar Burns, Tom Burns, Rob Burns, John Wilkins, Earlie Sudduth, Laura Turner, Arthur White, Calvin White, Henry Burns, Columbus Burns, Bigie Sudduth, Brady Baggett, Grady Baggett, Johnny Sudduth, Bertha Gaines, Ora White, Beulah Sudduth, Earl Glover (Teacher), Savannah Turner (Teacher), 23 unknown names. The area where the school was located is on Co. Rd 159,(Burns Road) Addison, Alabama. Thanks to Iona White for the picture!