James Chester White in Paris in 1918.
1895 - 1957 WW1 Veteran P.O.W.
American Expeditionary Forces
Thanks to Iona White for the picture!

He served as a Private in Co. K, 321st Infantry, 81st Division, nicknamed the "Wildcat" Division. Battles, skirmishes, and engagements he fought in were: Mere Henry Sec., St. Die Sec., and Meuse-Argonne Offensive. In a letter to a friend, James Chester White gave a short but vivid description of the horror and deprivation suffered by men at war. He writes: "....You know I did drop down to about 75 lbs. just before the armistice. I slept with frozen clothes, and was so starved that I would have killed my own Mother at times for half a soda cracker. I also drank water for nearly two weeks that was red with blood, and later had a short stay in a German prison camp...." On 6/27/1919 he was discharged at Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. Born and raised in Winston County, Alabama (Addison) he married Melva Bertha Gaines on 3/13/1921 and they had five children: James Leck, Raleigh Clusty, Wesley Tagle, Raymond Duell, and C.G. White. James Chester White was the son of Raleigh F. White and Mary Etta Wilson White. Grandson of William White and Amanda Johnson White (Randolph/Cleburne Co.) also, James W. Wilson and Mary Pierce Wilson (Randolph/ Clay Co.)