Liberty Grove Baptist Church Baptismal Service. Photo courtesy of Wayne Taylor (

Photo taken about 1921 in Winston County, Alabama. Some of the known individuals are as follows: The Rev. Tom Kelly (hands raised) officiating, Alonzo Grant Taylor in the water with hands folded, Hardin Taylor (a son of Tom Taylor and grandson of Charles Alexander Taylor) with crutches. Right to left standing in the water to be baptized: Iren Roland (next to Alonzo) then Ida Brown, then an unknown girl, then Dovey Taylor (later Dovey married George Pulliam), then an unknown girl, then Dessa Crittenden. Right to left on the bank: crippled man being held by the arm is Johnny Harris (he was a school teacher), holding Johnny is Glenn Cauthen, next person unknown, then Wallace Taylor son of Alonzo, next is Howard Lovett, next is Bob Cauthen, behind Rev. Kelly's hand is Murphy Lovett, behind Hardin Taylors' left shoulder is Fayette Burns, behind Fayette is Newman 0. Taylor(a son of Alonzo), beside Newman to the right is Lucinda Taylor (a daughter of Alonzo), further to right is Thurlo Taylor (youngest son of Alonzo), and then Margaret Stevens Taylor (wife of Alonzo) with her hand on Thurlo's head. These persons were identified to Wayne Taylor by his father Newman and his Aunt Lucinda Taylor in 1978.