Natis School, About 1914. Photo submitted by Jessie Prestridge Hearle.

1st Row, Seated: Frank Wint, Roy Wint, Russell Prestridge, ??Harvey Boshell, Raymond Rice, Leonard Daniel, Burnett Cowart, Marvin & Teddy_____, Johnny Chadwick

2nd Row: Grace Rice, Rosa Clara Wint, Curtis Prestridge, Vester Allison, Eva Allison, Irene Carroll, Bessie Prestridge, Gladys Lovett, Nellie May Wint, Ollie Chadwick, ?? Agness Carroll, Minnie Mary Freeman, Alma Freeman, Iris Prestridge, Odessa Chadwick

3rd Row: Effie Cowart, Ethel Prestridge, Ethel Boatler, Ida Reeves, Dewey Cowart, Eleanor Roberts, Myrtle Boatler, Dewdrop___, Johnnie B Horsley, Fronie Craven, Bertha Rice, Evie Prestridge, Ethel Chadwick

Back Row: Thelma Lovett, John Snoddy (Teacher), Mensa Chadwick, Elgie Lovett, Chester Romine, Roy Reeves, ___Roberts

The School went thru the 7th Grade. Mr Snoddy was the Teacher. Students had seven books each day. One grade at a time went to the front of the room for lessons. The picture was in possession of Curtis Prestridge. Identification by Curtis Prestridge, Rosa Clara Wint, and Nellie May Wint.

Frank and Roy Wint were sons of John Wint & Sarah Amanda Baker; Rosa Clara Wint and Nellie Wint were their ½ sisters, daughterss of John Wint and Martha Jane King. Russell Prestridge, Curtis Prestridge (female); Bessie Prestridge; Iris Prestridge, & Evie Prestridge were children of John Flavous Prestridge & Leanna Eyedella Graben. Ethel Prestridge was a sister to John Flavous Prestridge, they were children of Mark Zachariah Prestridge and Martha Caroline Ophelia Hodnett. Iris Prestridge md Roy Brian Reeves (both in School group above). Russell Prestridge md Gladys Lovett (both in School group above). Alma and Minnie May Freeman were daughters of Charley James Freeman and Alice M Graben.—Their brother James Freeman lived on the Rocky Plains Road not far from Natis School until his death in 2009. Fronie Craven’s parents were John M & Elzina Taylor Craven. The Prestridge, Freeman, and Graben, and Craven families were from Randolph/Clay County, Alabama. Elgie Lovett may be James Elzie Lovett, who married Ottie Mae Madison.

Aubie Seymour taught at Natis about 1933—his brother had a jewelry store in Bessemer. Sometime after Christmas Mr Seymour was training for some athletic event, he ran by my grandparents house and saw my father, James Prestridge. He asked him why he wasn’t in school, and he said he wasn’t old enough because his birthday was in September. Mr Seymour told him to be ready the next morning to go to school, so he started school at Natis, instead of Poplar Springs.