Back-1st person on left Clara Wint Prestridge, Middleó3rd from Left, Nellie Wint Wright, FrontóCenter Eugene McCullar

Poplar Springs School, About 1922-1925; courtesy of Jessie Hearle.

These photos were in my great aunt Nellie Wint Wrightís possession. The larger group was identified by Nellie as Poplar Springs School Group. The other photo appears to have been take the same day, and was probably just the older grade(s). The only people I can identify are Nellie bprn 1906, her sister Clara born 1908, and Eugene McCullar born 1912.

Rosa Clara Wint Personal Record:

Schools Attended 1st Natis School, Nauvoo Route 3, Winston, Alabama, Teacher Thurlow Snoddy

2nd school Old Poplar Springs, used as church and school house too. Teacher Mr Tom Miller and then I went back to Natis one year. Mrs Lessie Mitchell teacher

The best I remember the next school I went to was at New Poplar Springs. There was a new school house built. This is where I went till I was in the 7th grade. Teacherís names that taught in this school was Effie Cowart, Stella McCullar, Earl McCullar, Mr. Andy Davis, Mrs. Alpha Morgan, Otis Mitchel and Tom Burns.

Jessie Hearle comment: the list of teachers probably includes people who taught her children. I attended Winston County High School for one semester, 1972, and Andy Davis was my English teacher. He told me that he had taught my father in school, but I think he would have been too young to have taught Grandmother.