This picture is probably Addison School teachers, though this cannot be verified. Please check and see if you can make a connection as to when this picture was taken and if they were actually school teachers. There's nine people in the picture, but only eight of them were identified on the actual picture: Georgia Harrison, Flossie Bishop, Helen Hester, Burton Burdick, Otto Helton, Myrtie Hunter, Yula Barker, and Willene Hilton. Thanks to Sandy Hockinson for the picture.

From Joann Holdbrooks: "The man on the left at the very back is Otto Hilton, and the woman on the very back row on the right is Georgia Harrison. Georgia was my sixth grade teacher in Haleyville. The man in the black suit on the left is Earl Mauldin. He was principle at Addison in 1937-?. He later became superintendent of Winston County Schools. He also owned Mauldin's Department store in Haleyville for many years. He married Zola Batchelor. The lady in the very front with the belt around her waist is Willene Hilton. She was my high school English teacher. She and Otto lived in Haleyville. Otto never taught school in Haleyville. He was an oil distributor for the Pure Oil Company. The other man in the picture must be Burton Budick. He was also principle at Addison but I can't remember what year. He was also mayor of Addison in 1950."

From Carolyn Burdick Hunsaker, daughter of Burton Burdick: This "is indeed the school faculty of Addison School. It would have been made in about 1931-1932. The Lady in the picture unidentified is Kate Burdick Hilton. She was sister to Burton Burdick, and Helen Hester was his sister-in -law. They all resided through the week at the Burton Burdick home in Addison."