Letter to Frances Reeve (2/6/1863)

Submitted by: Kelly Abner

State of Alabama blount County February the 6th [1863]

Dear friend i am one time permitted to drop you a few lines to inform you that we are all in comon health at this time hoping these few lines will find you all well i have nothing to rite to you but trouble and hard times i am in deep trouble at this time i have not heard one word from george since the fight at murfreesboro til to day I heard it is in the paper he was badly wounded in his ______ martha (reed?) told us it was in the paper she said he was not shot but was ______ in his ______ miss reaves I want you [to] rite to me and let me no whether any of the boys has rote back any thing at all about george or not for the lord sake rite and let me so quick for I am almost distracted now I want you to tell me how many of the boys was killed whether any or not besides george I feel like I am widow forever if he is ded and I expect he is I never expect to hear from george any more and I want to be shore to rite me I think if he is dead some of the boys would rite about it

miss reaves you donít know how I feel this time the weather is very cold here I donít think I ever saw such a night as night before last was it was all most like a huricane all night and cold enough to freeze any pore soldier to death the snow is most (shoe width?) deep now rite to me all a bout the times in Winston how many is at home the men is nearly all gone from here tell me something about any boys mail(?) you no any any thing about _____ be shore to rite to me quick I must close I remain your true friend til Death

fare well

Catharine Ba(llew?)
Francis G. Reaves

This letter to Frances Reeve is believed to have been written by Catherine Ballew, probably the wife of the George F. Ballew referred to in a different letter written to Frances on August 13, 1862 by her husband, Noah Van Reeve. A George F. Ballew held property in 1861 in the Winston Co., AL area near where the Reeve family resided during the Civil War.

This letter was transcribed in 2007 by Kelly Abner, great-great granddaughter of Frances Reeve, from a copy of the original letter. Frances was born Frances G. Smith ca. 1834 and married Noah Van Reeve January 29, 1852. She is buried in the New Hope Baptist Church cemetery in Double Springs.