Julia Griggs: Thunder Under the Ground

From The Cullman Democrat, September 18, 1902
Submitted by Robin Sterling.

Thunder Under the Ground. A Most Peculiar Noise Heard Beneath the Earth in Winston County.

Several days ago while Mrs. Julia Griggs and her daughter were washing at a spring on the farm of W.T. Nelson in the eastern portion of Winston County they were startled by a peculiar noise which they first thought was thunder but they could see no clouds.

After a little further investigation, they found that the thunder, or whatever it might have been, was under the ground and going in a southern direction. This was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the spring at once became very muddy and stopped running until just about night when it became clear and began to run again. We don’t know where "it" went but are glad to know that it was not coming toward this place.