William Carvin Livingston of Winston County, Alabama

Written by:
Patricia L. Dakin, 2011 North Hills Drive, Opelika, AL
2nd Great-grandniece

William Carvin Livingston was born 29 Sep 1792 in Botetourt County, Virginia, and died Mar 1880 in Winston County, Alabama. He married Elizabeth Clark Bet. 1815 - 1820. She was born Abt. 1798 in Tennessee, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Alabama. She was last reported on the 1860 census. His parents were John Livingston and Mary Carvin. They were married in Botetourt Co., VA on 14 Dec 1791. John, Mary and family lived in VA and TN before arriving in Morgan Co., AL to settle in the early 1800s. It is my belief that perhaps William Carvin Livingston and Elizabeth Clark married in TN. No marriage record has been found. The earliest census data for Wm. and Elizabeth is 1830 in Walker Co., AL.

Many researchers have reported that Samuel Livingston of Lawrence Co., AL and his wife Phoebe Head are the parents of William Carvin Livingston. They do not agree that this William C. Livingston was the son of John and Mary (Carvin) Livingston. Evidence from the Mary Livington estate files in Morgan County and land records in Winston County prove that this was not the case.

Information taken from usgenweb.com, Alabama, Winston County, 1867 Voting Registration and Loyalty Oaths, Precinct No. 8, notes the following: Livingston, William C., 29 Sep 1792, Botetourt County, Virginia. (Winston County was one of the few counties in Alabama which recorded birthdays and place of birth as part of the Loyalty Oaths.)

The petition of Aaron Levingston of Morgan Co. to be named administrator of his mother Mary Levingston's estate named one of the heirs at law to be her son William C. Levingston, "who resides in Winston County, Ala." Date was Sept. 1862.

A Letter issued, 6th June 1870, regarding the Heirs of the Estate of Mary Levingston Deceased, reported that William C. Livingston of Winston County, Alabama...was one of the Heirs and distributees of said estate.

In the interrogatories for his brother Aaron Livingston, dec'd, 24 Sept 1881, Morgan Co., John Y. Ferguson and James A. Woodall stated that Aaron had a brother "William Livingston who lived in Winston County in this State."

The following are noted as children of William CARVIN Livingston and wife Elizabeth Clark. (Note: No definite proof has been established that her surname was CLARK.) These individuals are based on census data, except where known for sure and researched.

  1. Unknown Female Livingston, b. bet. 1816-1820
  2. Unknown Male Livingston, b. bet. 1816-1820; possibly Jesse Livingston, b. 12 Jan. 1818, d. 7 Nov. 1879 AL.
  3. Unknown Female Livingston, b. bet. 1816-1820, possibly Elizabeth M. Livingston who mar. Wm. Johnson, Blount Co., AL.
  4. Unknown Male Livingston, b. bet 1820-1830
  5. Unknown Male Livingston, b. bet 1821-1825
  6. Unknown Female Livingston, b. bet 1821-1825
  7. Easter Livingston, b. abt 1831, AL; mar. John Earl Wiley 25 Aug. 1850 Morgan Co., AL; he was b. abt 1822 TN. No death dates have been found for them.
  8. b. abt 1836
  9. Aaron Livingston, b. 1843 Winston Co., AL, mar. Angeline Demarius Hightower 5 Nov. 1861 Winston Co. He died 1868 Effingham Co., IL; she d. 13 Sept. 1934 Effingham Co., IL. He fought in the Civil War with The First Alabama Cavalry.

There were a number of Livingstons living in Winston County during the 1800s. Some of these individuals were descendants of Samuel Livingston who settled in Lawrence Co., AL, and who fought in the Revolutionary War. However, some of these individuals were descendants of John Livingston and Mary (Carvin) Livingston who settled in Morgan Co., AL. It is my belief that somehow these families were related but no research has yielded proof of that.

There was a Jesse Livingston who may have been a son of William Carvin Livingston. Individuals researching this particular line have not been able to establish parents for him. I have been contacted by researchers of Samuel H. Livingston who were seeking his parentage; however, he may have been a descendant of Samuel and Phoebe.

Tracking census data beginning in 1830, Walker County, AL, William Levingston was noted with 2 males, ages 5-9 (b. 1821-1825); 1 male, age 10-14 (b. 1816-1820) and 1 male, age 30-39 (William?). Females were 1 female, age 0-4 (b. 1826-1830); 1 female, age 5-9 (b. 1821-1825), 1 female, age 10-14 (b. 1816-1820), and 1 female, age 30-39 (Elizabeth, wife).

In 1840, Walker Co., AL, there was a Wm. Livingston with the following: 2 males, ages 15-19 (b. 1821-1825) (unknown) and 1 male, age 40-49 – William. There were 2 females, ages 0-4, possibly Jane; 1 female, age 5-9, possibly Easter; 1 female, age 10-14, unknown (possibly dau. Elizabeth M.? who mar. Wm. Johnson); and 1 female, age 30-39, Elizabeth. (Note discrepancy in Elizabeth's age versus 1830 census data.)


The 1850 Hancock (Winston) Co. census data reported William Levinston, age 58, farmer, b. VA; wife Elizabeth, age 52 b. TN; Easter age 19, b. AL; Jane age 15, b. AL; and Aron, age 7, b. AL.

The 1860 Winston Co. census data reported William C. Levingston, age 60, b. VA, Elisabeth, age 56, b. TN; Jean, age 22, b. AL; and Aaron, age 17, b. AL. It is my belief that "Jean" was the dau. Jane on the 1850 census. Despite the age discrepancies, this was the same family. (William’s age should have been reported as 68.)

The 1870 Winston Co., AL census data, Houston post office, reported Wm. Livingston, age 77, farmer, b. VA; Jane, age 25 with a personal estate value of $100, b. AL; William Wiley, age 11, b. AL; Sarah Wiley, age 14, b. AL, and John W. Boston, age 14, b. AL. The name "Boston" is very difficult to read, so I may be incorrect with that. The Wiley children were those of Easter Livingston and John Wiley, and William Livingston’s grandchildren. Despite the age discrepancy of Jane, she must have been William’s daughter who was listed on earlier censuses. And since she was listed with a ‘personal estate,’ it is my belief that she received an inheritance from her deceased mother. No estate record for Elizabeth (Clark) Livingston has been found. No relationship was established for the male John Boston.

The following information was obtained from the National Archives, Land Entry Files, per my research in 2000. The data can be viewed on the BLM web site.

1st March 1836 - No. 9239 - Land Office at Huntsville, Ala. "It is hereby certified, That in pursuance of law, WILLIAM CARVIN LIVINGSTON of Walker County, (Ala) on this day purchased of the Register of the Land Office at Huntsville, Ala. the lot or South East quarter of the North West quarter of _____ Section No. Nine - in Township No. Ten - of Range No. Six - (West) containing Thirty Nine 73/100 acres, at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, amounting to $Forty Nine 67/100 for which lot or South East quarter of the North West 1/4 Section the said William Carvin Livingston having made payment in full as required by law: Now, therefore, be it known, that on presentation of this Certificate to the Commission of the General Land Office, the said William Carvin Livingston shall be entitled to a patent for the Lot or South East quarter of the North W 1/4 Section above described. John P. Coleman, Register Pat dated 10th September 1838, Record Vol 21, p 9. See ML 81889

The following was taken from internet research. From usgenweb.com, Alabama, Winston County, "Early Land Entries for Hancock/Winston County (1820-1862)": Livingston, William C. - 40 acres, 3/1/1836; 9239; SE of NW S9 T10S R6W; and Livingston, William C., 80 acres, 1/2/1855, 22199, SE & SW of SE S 24 T11S R6W.
Livingston, William C. 3/1/1836 SE1/4 of NW1/4, S9, T10S, R6W
Livingston, William C. 1/6/1897 SW1/4 & S1/2 of SE1/4, S24, T11S, R6W (not this Wm. C. Livingston)
First Plat and Tract Book
Range 6 West

Further research on the usgenweb, Winston County site will show tax records about 1847 for a William Livingston in beat 7. There were other Livingstons listed. In beat 16 there are many ‘unknown’ Livingstons listed; apparently the names were unreadable.

From "Alabama Family History and Genealogy News," July, August, September 1996, Vol. 17, No. 3, published by The North Central Alabama Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 13, Cullman, Alabama 35056-0013, p. 21, the following is noted:

Winston County Death For Year 1880....Additions to Winston Co., Ala From Physician Returns,

LIVINGSTON, W.C., age 87, male, white, died March of pneumonia. (This age would be correct for William’s birth in 1792.)

Also from: 1880 Mortality Schedule for Winston County
From June 1, 1879 - May 31, 1880; Additional; could be returns: http://freestateofwinston.org/1880mort.htm
Livingston, W.C.
87, M, W, ?[marital status]
AL, ?, ?[place of birth, self, father, mother--he was b. VA]
Farmer [profession]
March [death month]
Pneumonia [cause of death]
R.B. Hunter[attending physician

I have been in contact with many individuals researching this William Carvin Livingston and his descendants. The name Livingston is found spelled many ways—Leviston, Levinston, Livingston, Lewiston, etc. In ancestry.com census index searches I have found it spelled Sevingston.

John and Mary Livingston had the following children, of whom William Carvin Livingston was one.

  1. William Carvin Livingston, b. 29 Sept 1792, VA, mar. Elizabeth Clark
  2. Aaron Livingston, b. 1794, VA, d. abt 1 Nov. 1879, Morgan Co., AL never married
  3. Moses Livingston, b. 23 Feb. 1796, VA, d. bet 1882-1889, Fayette Co., AL, mar. Elisabeth Callahan
  4. Sarah Livingston, b. abt 1798, VA, d. abt 1847 Morgan Co., mar. Arthur F. Basham
  5. Mary Livingston, b. 1801, TN, d. aft 1880, mar. Moses Summers, Morgan Co.
  6. John Livingston, b. 1803, TN, d. bet 1870-1880, mar. Mary A. Carney, Morgan Co., AL
  7. Esther Livingston, b. abt 1808 TN, d. 1842, AL, mar. John Callahan, Morgan Co.
  8. Rebecca Livingston, b. 1809, TN, d. bef. 13 Sept. 1869, mar. John"Jack" B. Swan, Morgan Co.
  9. Richard Carvin Livingston, b. bet 1813-1815, TN, d. bef. 8 Mar 1867, mar. Jane Alexander, Morgan Co.; possibly second spouse Harriet?, Fayette Co.

I have information on all of these lines if someone wishes to contact me. Much of the original data came from the Moses Livingston family Bible, the estate files of Mary Livingston and Aaron Livingston of Morgan County, Fayette and Lamar counties courthouses.


1. Document dated 6 June 1870 for Mary Livingston Estate--Statement heirs..., Loose document in estate papers of Mary Livingston, Morgan County Archives, Decatur, AL., Document names... William C. Livingston of Winston County, Alabama. Received from National Archives, Washington, DC, June 12, 2000, copy of land records, patent No. 9239. Also see BLM-ES GLO Records, Accession/Serial # AL 3560-.009. The name of William's wife--Elizabeth Clark--came from Elizabeth Whitten in an e-mail, 28 June 1999. Also see usgenweb.com, Alabama, Winston County, 1867 Voting Registration and Loyalty Oaths, 31st Registration District, Board of Registration: A.J. Ingle, James Ellis, Rily Tyry, In Winston County, all registrants were listed as "in state" twelve months and "in country" three months. Unless otherwise noted, all listed were white.

2. Marriages of Morgan County, Alabama 1818-1896, By Elbert J. Minter, published by Tenn. Valley Gen. Soc., 1986, p. 147. Also info from Joe Slavin, Arlington, VA, October 2000.

3. Mary (Livingston) McKerrow, Mary is the gggranddaughter of Aaron Livingston, son of Wm. Carvin Livingston. She provided me with much detail as to exact dates, and family information on Aaron’s descendants.

4. Census data, ancestry.com; permission given to use by ancestry.com.