Will Record Index (1891 - 1942)

The following is an index to a Will Record of Winston County, with dates from 1891 to 1942. The book contains wills and estate files (if someone died without a will, for example). Those listed in the book, are listed below. Copies will be $1.00 per page, with pages ranging from 1 up to about 20. To get copies, you can call or write to the Probate Judge's Office; see County Resources for more info.

Abbott, Gertrude
Adkins, George W.
Aldridge, Sidney G.
Armstrong, Emily
Barr, George A.
Baughn, Henry
Baughn, John N.
Baughn, W.A.
Behaw, William J.
Blanton, E.M.
Blanton, J.M.
Brigden, George G.
Burdette, Carl Cecil
Burdick, F.O.
Burdick, Robert C.
Burns, T.C.
Cantrell, Dennis Corrdes
Christenberry, G.F.
Cockrell, R.L.
Crosswhite, G.W.
Cunningham, George A.
Darsey, Thomas Matthews
Davis, John D.S.
Davis, William Sr.
Dodd, John
Dodd, L.L.
Dodd, W.M.
Donaldson, J.G.
Dozier, Nathan Earnest
Drewery, A.C.
Eastman, Mamie L.
Ellis, Richard
Ezekiel, Jacob
Freeman, Lizzie
Garrison, W.H.
Gentle, Mary L.
Gravlee, William
Haley, Walker H.
Hardin, Jonathan Thomas
Hart, George F.
Henderson, Anna J.
Henderson, J.A.
Hosford, J.P.
Howell, G.C.
Johnson, David Lee
Kelly, J.O. Sr.
Kennedy, M.W.
Long, William R.
Lyon, Elizabeth
Mallory, Hugh
Maxwell, James L.
Maxwell, M.E.
McCollum, Joel H.
McDaniel, Mrs. Martha Susan
McNatt, E.J.
McNatt, Ophelia A.
Milan, Emily
Mitchell, Susan
Moore, Lucie B.
Munn, James Jefferson Sr.
Palmer, Anna E.
Phillips, John Robert
Radford, Samuel
Ray, Amy
Roden, B.W.
Ross, Jane
Satterfield, James R.
Schlasser, Frank P.
Snow, Thomas N.
Sowell, W.S.
Thomas, John A.
Turner, Benjamin F.
Vaughn, G.W.
Webb, C.L.
Welborn, Thomas P.
West, G.H.
West, L.E.
West, Sarah A.
West, W.C.
Wilder, James G.
Wilhite, J.C.
Williams, W.L.
Wright, W.H.
Whitehead, Jane