Clementine Wilson Cagle

Death certificate below submitted by Glinda Edmonds

Clementine Cagle
Date of death: Sept. 9, 1950 age in years last birthday: 91
County: Chester Civil district: 1
Usual residence: State: Tenn. County: Chester Civil district: 1
City or town: Rural Length of stay in this place X City or town...Rural
Name of hospital or institution: R. 1 Enville, Tenn. Street address (if rural give location): R. 1 Enville, Tenn.
Occupation: Housewife
Birth place: Georgia
Citizen of what country: U.S.A.
Father's name: Jas.Wilson
Mother's Maiden name: Emily Bell
Informant: G.W. Cagle R. 1 Enville, Tenn. (George Washington Cagle)
Cause of death: chronic nephritis Due to : old age
Date of burial: Sept. 10, 1950 Milladgaville, McNairy Co. Tenn
Shackalford Funeral Directors--Savannah, Tenn.
Clementine was born on January 14, 1859 in Georgia and died at the age of 91 on September 9, 1950 in Chester County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of James M. and Nancy E. Wilson. She married Valentine Cagle about 1878 in Winston County, AL.