James Anderson Wilson & Martha Eveline League Wilson

Information on James Anderson Wilson submitted by submitted by Louise Birchfield; photos submitted by Delores (Dee) Schoonmaker.

James Anderson Wilson and Family

James Anderson Wilson (b. July 1871) with wife Martha Eveline League Wilson (b. February 1871) and children (left to right, back row) James Dewey Wilson (b. May 1900), Samantha E. Wilson (b. October 1895), Mary L. Wilson (b. June 1893) and Nora E. Wilson (b. March 1898); (left to right, front row) Birdie C. Wilson (b. about 1905 - sitting on James Anderson Wilson's lap), Emma E. Wilson (b. about 1902 - standing between father and mother) and baby Pearl E. Wilson (b. 1907 - sitting on Martha Eveline League Wilson's lap).