James Francis Wilson & Mary Elizabeth Reavis/Revis Wilson

Information on James Francis Wilson submitted by Glinda Edmonds

James Francis Wilson was born September 8, 1851 in Georgia (probably Cherokee County) to James M. Wilson and Nancy Emily Bell. At about seven years old, James F. and his family moved to Winston County, Alabama. About 1869 in Winston County, Alabama, James F. married Mary Elizabeth Reavis/Revis, daughter of James Jackson Reavis and Mary Elizabeth Williams, also formerly of Cherokee County, Georgia. In July 1870, James and Mary had their first child in Winston County, Alabama. They named her Missouri Rosetta "Zura" Wilson. By 1880, James F. and Mary are living in Marion County, Alabama with five children, Missouri, Marion, Martha, Thomas, and Nancy. Sometime after the 1880 census was taken, James F. and Mary moved to Hardin County, Tennessee where they had seven more children, John Barton, Mary Frances, George H., Savannah Belle, Emma Rhodesta, Maude, and Garland Richard. By 1900, James F. and his family are found in Dyer County, Tennessee. Mary Elizabeth Reavis/Revis Wilson died shortly after the 1900 census was taken in Dyer County, Tennessee. James F. remarried on March 9, 1902 in Dyer County, Tennessee to Liza Ann (unknown maiden name), widow of John T. Davidson. James and Liza Ann had two children, Harvey Burke Wilson and Jinnie O. Wilson. Jinnie O. died as an infant. At the end of his life, James F. had fourteen children and two wives. James Francis Wilson died on March 24, 1923 in Dyer County, Tennessee.