John Henry Wilson & Laura Elizabeth Bennick Wilson

Information on John Henry Wilson submitted by Jenelle Jarnigan via Louise Birchfield.

John Henry Wilson (was born June 15, 1872 in Haleyville, Alabama; he was hit on the head with a blunt object and died in Verona, Lee County, MS, December 20, 1923) with his wife, Laura Elizabeth Bennick and their children. John Henry was the son of John Lee Wilson (born March 1844 in Rabun Co., Georgia died July 1912 in Mississippi) and Eliza Ann Knowles.

In the first row left to right standing is the son of William Thomas and Artie Camp; seated is John Henry Wilson; standing next to him is Roy Woodrow Wilson; next to Roy is Lucille Wilson; her Mother, Laura Elizabeth Bennick is seated , and next to her is seated Albert Henry Wilson. On Albert's lap is William Francis Wilson; seated next to him is John Lee Wilson with his son on his lap. Second row: standing is the daughter of Tom and Artie; behind her are her parents, William Thomas Wilson and wife, Artie Camp; next to Artie is Dolli Wilson with her husband, Eugene Holland; next to Eugene is Richard Caruth Wilson; next to Richard is Maude Lee Cody who is holding my Uncle Roger Poe Wilson; next is Lura Ward McFarling, who is the wife of John Lee Wilson, holding a baby. In the back row, Napoleon Bonaparte Wilson with his wife Estelle Burleson. I do not remember the names of their children. The births of the children of John Henry and Laura Elizabeth Bennick Wilson are; oldest to youngest: William Thomas (Tom), Albert Henry (Bert), John Lee, Napoleon Bonaparte (Boney), Dolli, Richard, Roy, and Lucille. Not pictured are Charley Roosevelt and George Washington who died at birth-1903 and 1905.